How can we improve our local democracy?

Local campaign groups need to support each other in the run up to the local council elections

There is a lot of frustration in Hounslow about the way that the council is run and the way that decisions are reached.

It is undoubtedly to the council’s credit that council workers are all paid the London Living Wage and, unlike other boroughs, we have not closed any of our local libraries.

brentfordstadiumflatsHowever, we clearly have enough high-rise luxury flats being constructed all over the borough. These are not going to address the housing crisis as even the ‘affordable’ units are beyond the means of anyone earning less than £40,000 a year.

There is a lack of joined-up thinking on education and health too.

There is a shortage of school places and, as well as a highly controversial faith school being given planning permission in the heart of leafy Osterley, we are seeing a glut of new schools proposed for a half-mile square area around Gillette Corner. It seems as if no thought has been put into the logistics of this. Continue reading “How can we improve our local democracy?”