Iron, like a lion in Syon? More like the lion sleeps tonight


Happier days: Brendon Walsh and Steve Curran survey all they command

By lil’ red mole

Council leader Steve Curran and allies Katherine Dunne and Theo Dennison cleared the trigger ballot for councillor selection on 6 December.  That means they automatically go through to represent Labour in Syon ward in the May 2018 council elections. Steve received 21 of the 35 votes from Syon ward Labour Party members at the meeting, with Katherine and Theo garnering slightly more.

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Labour must reject ‘business-as-usual’ housing policy after Grenfell

New graphic for Angie

By Eileen Short

Defend Council Housing – Homes for All

The struggle for a safe secure home, dominates life today. A desperate need for homes that meet need, not just make money, means growing support for radical new housing policies.

Jeremy Corbyn’s commitment to build new council housing was a major break in the Tory mould, that helped Labour win credibility and votes in the June 2017 election.

Corbyn’s own ten-point pre- election plan included a “secure homes guarantee”: to build one million new homes in five years, at least half of them council homes, along with rent controls and secure tenancies for private renters. Corbyn’s commitments inspired Labour supporters, and is what millions expect from Corbyn’s Labour. Continue reading “Labour must reject ‘business-as-usual’ housing policy after Grenfell”

General Election 2017 – Hounslow

Ruth Cadbury

Both candidates for the Hounslow parliamentary constituencies retained their seats for Labour. Ruth Cadbury not only held the Brentford and Isleworth constituency with an increased majority but with a massive increase in the Labour vote of 13.6%. Labour was ahead of the Tories in every single ward.

Ruth got 57.4% of the total vote in a higher than average turnout (72.4%). Her majority of 12,182 transformed her previous fragile majority of 465. Brentford & Isleworth now has a solid Labour majority. It was also good to note that the share of the vote for the conservative candidate, Mary McLeod, went down by 5.3%. Winning a majority 12,182 was the result of hard work and retaining it will depend on continuing that work. Continue reading “General Election 2017 – Hounslow”

A great result for Labour: British politics goes into the melting pot

Corbyn in the Commons – now the backstabbing must stop

What a night! Labour’s vote exceeded all expectations. The long-predicted Labour electoral wipe-out failed to materialise. On the contrary Labour increased its vote considerably. Even the increased number of Labour MPs (+29) doesn’t tell the whole story. Just consider some basic statistical facts.

The poll of polls was spot on and Labour even got got 40.1% of the vote (as against the Tory 42.7%). Labour gained seats in England, Scotland and Wales. Continue reading “A great result for Labour: British politics goes into the melting pot”

The polls: Labour nudges still closer to the Tories

BBC poll of polls as of 4th June

The enormous gap in the polls at the start of the election, along with the predictions of a wipe out for Labour, has gone. The more exposure Labour gets the better its position. When the public hears directly from Labour what it thinks and what is plans are, rather than getting its views from the political commentariat, its position improves.

The BBC website reported

Clearly, the discrepancies between the polling companies are very large. And that obviously makes it hard to draw firm conclusions.

Survation’s poll has the narrowest gap of any poll so far during the campaign. It’s the only company that has not changed its methodology since 2015. But up to now they’ve not been especially favourable to Labour.

Their poll was conducted today, after last night’s Question Time special, where Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn faced questions from a live audience. And they found that more people who watched the programme said it made them more likely to vote Labour than Conservative. (Emphasis added)

Help is still needed for Labour’s effort including on 8th June. If you have any time to help in the Brentford and Isleworth constituency then please contact the organiser Jack Price at the Labour Party Office: 020 8995 7289, or call in at 367 Chiswick High Rd, London, W4 4AG. The seat is marginal but Labour is putting in a great effort and there is every reason to think that Ruth Cadbury can hold on to the seat – but that won’t happen by itself.

Labour surges in the polls

The BBC poll of polls shows the trends clearly

Contrary to virtually all “expert” expectations and predictions support for Labour is surging in the opinion polls. The confident predictions of a catastrophe for Labour have turned out not to be worth the paper they were printed on. Polling specialists, leading politicians from the so-called centre through to the right of politics went into the election sure that Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership would turn into a complete disaster for Labour.

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Informed comment breaks through media hostility

The Guardian has not been slow in coming forward with anti-Corbyn Hatchet jobs and its house journalists have queued up to be the next one to put the boot in. Even so fair comment has got through from time to time and a very good example is the article today by Gary Young.

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