An open letter to Ruth Cadbury

Dear Ruth,

I think that your letter on an “organised plan by a particular group to “take over control” of our constituency party” was unhelpful.

When dealing with contentious issues we all have to exercise the utmost care to avoid descending in to vague allusions to shadowy enemies with outrageous views. It is therefore to be regretted that you did not see fit to give the source of your information. Who sent the email to which you refer? What was its purpose? For whom was it intended? Without such information we are just dealing with political noise. Can you not agree that this is not the right way to debate political differences? Continue reading “An open letter to Ruth Cadbury”

Comparing the 2017 election to previous ones

Myths abound in politics. This is because most people get their political information second or third hand, or worse. So it is always worth reminding ourselves of some basic facts.

For example Labour “moderates” often refer to Labour’s 1983 election with Michael Foot as the lowest point reached by Labour in the post war period. This is blamed on a manifesto which, it is alleged, was far too left-wing. Few of the people making this claim have actually read that manifesto but that is how myths develop. Furthermore, the simple fact is that it was not Labour’s lowest point in terms of support from the electorate as a whole. That dubious honour must be claimed by Gordon Brown (see the graph below). Continue reading “Comparing the 2017 election to previous ones”

Removing the Tory majority was a major step forward but we need a Labour Government


Politics looks like fun when you think victory is assured – but when reality bites …

Labour, led by Jeremy Corbyn defied the predictions of the pundits. In the changed situation so many things are up for grabs. The myth that electoral advance is only possible when you hug the centre (or rather, the centre as defined by the rich and powerful and those who serve them) has been destroyed. So this is an important moment for British politics. Continue reading “Removing the Tory majority was a major step forward but we need a Labour Government”